Best Gaming Emulators in Panda Helper

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As one of the popular third-party app installers today, Panda Helper includes many games ang gaming emulators and it is worth taking time to check them all. They support all sorts of consoles, including Nintendo, PlayStation, and DOS-based PC games. All users will find a wide range of interesting features in the following.


This emulator was originally designed for high-speed computers and its name says it all. The emulator application is extremely fast and accurate for mobile devices. You can play as many NES games as you want and the emulator will do it without any problems. The emulator offers intuitive controls, textures and scaling, NetPlay, and intuitive controls. The emulator allows you to easily add your games, which means there is a wide variety of games to choose from.


nintendoiDOS offers a DOS-based game emulation and is very unique. This emulator is perfect for fans of Wolf3D, Duke Nukem, and other great games. This port of DOSBox allows you to play in portrait or landscape mode with floating controls. It supports joysticks and external keyboards, as well as gamepads and mice. It also has the option to force a 4/3 ratio. There are many customizable elements and intuitive on-screen controls.


NESEmu is another popular NES emulator. This program offers a wide variety of features for fans of Nintendo Entertainment System games. You can customize multi-touch screen controls, including portrait and landscape orientations. There are also custom button controls and USB and Bluetooth HID keyboards. You can even back up your data and saves it. You can play a variety of game formats, such as .nes and .unf. There are also FCEU compatible cheat files and Famicom disc emulation. All this and much more are possible with one of the best and most stable NES emulators.


gamingA popular retro game emulator, NewGamePad supports many games for consoles such as PSP, PS1, NES (GB/GBA/GBC), SNES, and many more. Although the interface language is Chinese, the games are compatible with English. The emulator has a built-in browser that makes it easy to download and install ROMs and run them within the emulator application. The interface is similar to that of a console and is very easy to use. You can adjust the speed of the game and customize the screen controls. They are intuitive and easy to use. It works on iOS 9 and iOS 13.


Arcade games were very popular in the 1980s. We all enjoyed them and still love them. Now we can all play them again. MAME4iOS (Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator) is one of the most powerful emulators on the market. It offers great game controls and a near-perfect emulator gaming experience. It supports full screenplay, smoothed images, video format support, speed emulation, and auto rotation. It is extremely stable and has a constant frame rate that rarely drops.